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For being a profitable trader, you should stick to the rules in your trading journey. There are many factors which impacts your trading performance. Here is the most three important ones:

Tradia Journal Features

Easy to use

No matter whether you are expert in excel or not, with Tradia Journal, you can use excel as simple as web apps. All statistics and reports have been made simple and easy to understand.

For All Kind of Traders

Stock Traders or Forex, No matter which instruments you trade, Tradia Journal support all Markets.

Offline /Online

You do not need internet to use Trading Journal, But you can store it in Clouds(eg: OneDrive, Dropbox...) and access it in all your devices.

New Updates

We keep Tradia Journal up to date and add new features consistently. You can check for updates on current page.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Main reasons to keep a trading journal include:

  • They help you identify weak points and strong points in your style.
  • Journals could increase trading consistency.
  • The journal could keep you accountable.
  • The journal can help you choose your best trading strategy.